Church In The Wild: The Wild Sound

Everything has a sound. God created His creation to bring forth a sound. When you speak, you are releasing a Kingdom. Which Kingdom is it? Pastor Mark dives into the "sound" that was released in the book of Acts and how that needs to play a huge part in the church's sound today. 

Church In The Wild: The Wild Disagreements

Did you know that when you put passionate and wild people together, there are bound to be disagreements? Even Paul and Peter had a disagreement. God's more concerned how we handle our disagreements than worrying if we will have them. Ps Mark breaks down the biblical steps towards working through disagreements and building together. 

Church In The Wild: The Wild Converts

Paul was one of the wildest converts in the Act church history. But watching the church adjust to the salvation of the Gentiles and reaching people like the Athenians, were just other examples of how we are called to reach out to the unlikeliest of people. 

Church In The Wild: The Wild World Changers

Ps Mark breaks down the the characteristics that surround a world changers based off of the experiences that Paul and Barnabas had in Acts 13-14. It's interesting to see how this presence Church measures up to the original Church. Are we the Wild World Changers like they were?

Church In The Wild: The Wild After Effects

Peter goes from Prison to a Prayer Meeting. The wild after effects of an encounter with Holy Spirit is that everything changes. If we want to see a great move of God in our life and our city, we must have an encounter with God that changes us. When He shows up, the after effect is evident. 

Church In The Wild: The Wild Way

Pastor Brian Hardin steps into the Church in the Wild series with The Wild Way. How revolutionary was Jesus' teachings? He didn't just come to play nice, He literally came to change the very dynamics when it came to life. Jesus was, and still is, a leader that is Wild.

Church In The Wild: The Wild People

Every wild mission requires people wild enough to fulfill it. The conversion of Saul to Paul is probably one of the greatest examples of a wild person being called to further the Kingdom mission. If Paul can do it, you can.

Church In The Wild: The Wild Mission

We kick off the book of Acts series with the beginning of the wild mission. Christianity started off as a group of people believing for big things and sacrificing it all. Are we, the church of today, still living this Wild Mission?

Anticipation Of Activation

The story of David and Goliath speaks directly into our questions regarding giftings and callings. Understanding the difference and discovering what ours are, is a game changer in life.

The Cost Of A Christian

Everything has a cost. Although salvation is a free gift given from God, it costs your life and devotion. Many times we lose track of the ultimate mission. It's to be able to Deny Yourself, Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Him (Matthew 16). The greatest joy is to know that whatever we pay pales in comparison to what we gain.

Worship is Power

Ps Mark finishes the Worship Is....series with Worship is Power! We actually walk in a much deeper level of His power when we enter into worship despite our circumstances. But what are the reasons why we don't enter in this power, even though it's freely given? And how can we live a life of power in every circumstance?

Worship is An Opportunity

Our worship director, Katherine Huskey, takes on part 3 of Worship Opportunity. We have the perfect example of "worship" in the story of Abraham and Isaac. Knowing that worship is more of a place to meet God with faith and to understand the depths of His great love for us.

Worship is Who I Am

Ps Eddie continues the series on worship by stressing the importance of worship. We will worship something. Is it God or will it be something else? Your worship is who you are.

Worship is Childlike

We kick off our Worship series with Worship is Childlike. Ps Mark help us discover what Jesus meant when He said we must receive the Kingdom like a child. Understanding the power of a child, unlocks the power of real worship. 

Prophecy 101: Seeing

Our 2 part series on the gift of prophecy and how we can see visions and dreams directly from God.