The Power of Resurrection Sunday

This Sunday is EASTER Sunday, or more commonly celebrated as RESURRECTION SUNDAY. Many people view this as the one Sunday they can not miss...a time to go to church to meet their quota and hear the story of Jesus.

This Sunday at Southview, Ps Mark will be telling the story of Resurrection, but maybe in a different way than you have heard before. Through some very powerful testimonies, we will share with you the very act of resurrection Jesus has given to us. Now we can see miracles of resurrection within our own lives because of the ultimate act of resurrection Jesus did on Calvary.

Sunday is also our Child Dedication service, when we get the amazing opportunity to commit little children back to God. This comes off the heels of Palm Sunday when 17 people total were baptized within both services (7 of them were on the spot decisions!). Can you tell we are excited about what God is doing?!

So back to those family members, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students who are just waiting for an invite from you. Consider yourself commissioned. Invite them to either our 9:15 or 11:30 AM services this coming Sunday. Let the story of Jesus' resurrection become their story. We will be praying...