Prayer and Fasting in 2017

As we prepare for 2016 to end and a new year to begin, we are inviting everyone to join with us in prayer and fasting. We believe 2017 can be our best year yet, as we look to seek God and His plan for us together as a church family and for us individually. 

Starting in January we will partnering with Pray Nashville, other ministries and churches in the Nashville region, to pray through out the month. We will be covering the 2nd Saturday of every month from 8am-8pm, in prayer. We are asking for people to sign up for 30min slots and commit to this once a month. If you would like to sign up, contact us at

We will also be joining together with many churches in this nation as we fast for 21 days starting Jan 8th. If you would like more info on fasting, the power that comes from it and ways to effectively fast, click here and download.

We know through out scripture, that God's people (including Jesus himself) fasted and prayed. The results of this are countless. Would you consider joining with us in this powerful act of declaration. 

Connect with us here for more info:

PrayerMark Rampulla